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The Morehead City waterfront is always bristling with activities, from the extensive fleet of charter boats to the restaurants, shops and nightlife, creating an atmosphere of fun and activities for all ages. The annual North Carolina Seafood Festival and the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament are both big events that draw large crowds every year. Morehead City has diverse neighborhoods including retirement living, sound front homes and cottages, golf and riverfront communities and many family friendly residential areas. The city offers a vibrant community college, hospital, marine research facilities and the North Carolina Port. While you reside in these neighborhoods of picturesque homes enjoying quiet, relaxing surroundings, there is an abundance of livability in this waterside town on the Crystal Coast.

Historically, this area of NC real estate began in the early 1850’s when former Governor John Motley Morehead was so inspired by the areas commercial potential that he gathered a group of investors, named the Shepard Point Land Company to purchase 600 acres of land on the eastern tip of the peninsula that is now the site of Morehead City. Once connected by railway to Goldsboro, Morehead City experienced its first real estate boom. In only three days every parcel in the area was sold out. With such great past and present potential it is easy to see why real estate professionals like The Star Team is key when you are ready to buy your home in Morehead City, NC.

Modern day Morehead City is not only a commercial port city but a popular North Carolinian resort vacation destination. It is rare to find a North Carolina resident who has not vacationed here. Morehead’s proximity to Atlantic Beach makes it an ideal spot for vacationers and locals alike. The Star Team is here to help you achieve your dream, whether your dream is to own a home or to invest in North Carolina beach house resort property.

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